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T4C Fantasy
A Terrifying Ordeal: Read the Terrified Man’s dialog and learn about why he is so terrified, once done Answer “Yes”, or “Fight” and he will send you off to fight the Dragon King. The same strategy applies to the Dragon from Goku’s strategy. Once you have killed the Dragon King head back to the Terrified man and recieve your reward of 2,000,000,000 Experiance points, 10,000,000 Gold and All Oblivious Dragon Weapons. Note: This quest can only be done once. but you can keep fighting the dragon. Note 2: You cannot start this quest Unless you finish Goku’s Triumph quest. The Arena: Once A Terrifying Ordeal quest is complete you’ll have the opportunity to enter the arena, the only thing you need is to be level 219+, talk to A Terrified-Looking Man again and he will have an added dialog asking if you want to enter the new Arena. Free x5 Seraph: In Lighthaven Temple is a NPC called Seraph Assistant, talk to him and he will ask if you would like to be good or evil, which ever one you choose you will be sent to The Oracle and at level 95, say “Ready to be Reborn” then “Yes” and the oracle will seraph you! Enjoy your x5 Seraph.
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