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Gaia’s Legacy (5th Access): After you finish talking to the King of Avalon he will send you to find Gaia located at mount olympus (check maps section for Avalon), talk to Gaia and finish her dialog. she will attack you so defeat her and press ctrl-v (ctrl-v shows names of items on ground) and find the warp named Underground Warp and enter it. Talk to Golaith and he with reward you with a Key of Oblivion and 250,000,000 Experiance points. Note: Key of Oblivion vanishes after each use, you can keep killing gaia up to 10 times to get more Keys. Goku’s Triumph: Now that you have 5th Island Access look at the map of Oblivion in the maps section and locate the Kings Palace. Once you get to the King’s palace talk to the King of Oblivion and read his dialog, at the end answer “Fight”. Now locate on the map Goku’s Palace and head on over to that palace. Talk to Goku and finish his dialogue, he will attack you so you need to defeat him. One very useful strategy is to have Dispel to cast on yourself because Goku casts all negative boost spells on you and you must stay in melee range or he will start to regenerate. After you have slayed Goku its time to go back to the King of Oblivion. Talk to the King of Oblivion and he will reward you with 2,000,000,000 Experiance points, 5,000,000 Gold and All Oblivious Weapons. Note: This quest can only be done once. A Terrifying Ordeal: Once you have spoke with the King of Oblivion after slaying Goku look at your map again and locate the Oblivion Druids, once done head over to the druids and find the NPC named A Terrified-Looking Man.
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