New Day, New Website

Welcome one and all to the newest edition of the T4C Fantasy Website.
It's been a long time coming, and there are still more changes underway!

New Features

  • Character Sheet
    * Account Settings
    * Armor Class
    * Crime Points
    * Luck (Drop Rate Increase!)
    * Encumbrance
    * Guild UI (Permissions, Members, Chest)
    * Honor Points
    * Last Location (Char's last position!)
    * Name & Title change
    * PVP Toggle (Under Settings)!
    * Skin Changer
    * Skills List
    * Spells List
    * Working Inventory List (w/Equipped & Chest!)
    * Working Powers/Resist (w/Gear Boosts!)
    * Working Stats (w/Gear Boosts!)
  • Consolidated Logs (Changelogs)
  • Consolidated Logs (Game Logs)
  • New Screenshots, Maps & Videos
  • Online Players (w/Maps!)
  • Ranked Players (w/Guild, PvE/PvP!)

Upcoming Features

  • Character Sheet
    * Monster Counter
    * Boss Counter
  • Character Compendium
Keep an eye out for the upcoming Character Compedium! You'll be able to
look up the base stats and equipped items of all characters on the server.